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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and Suzume

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  1. That's nice.
  2. I will. I'll try to find the time.
  3. Oh...
    Keep drawing and u'll eventually get better.
  4. I do. Or did rather. I never had the time to draw again. Well I don't really draw that well anyways.
  5. Thank u Otaku.
    Do u draw?
  6. Niiiice~! Good luck!
  7. I also have to draw for the dtom too.
  8. That's good. ^_^
  9. I know. For the time being i'm reading mangas and the hunger games series
  10. Sorry for double posting. IDK what happened.

    Anyways, yeah you should update on anime watching. :3 Finishing a series feels really good.
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