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Conversation Between Hikarin and Valkyire

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  1. As does Requiem Rising. >=) Everyone's going to be there with their jaws hanging open.
    I'm having a lot of fun writing it though and the main character is Heimdall.
  2. The story has a major twist. Its accualy very optimistic.
  3. Oh~ it sounds dark! ^^ The title of my story is a little like that too though with "Requiem Rising" which is actually multiple-meaninged.
  4. The Apocalypse.
  5. Great! I'll look forward to it then. =3 What's it called?
  6. Well thanks. Illsend u my best one
  7. Ah, that sounds like a lot of hard work!
    I'd love to read some of your short stories if you post them. =3
  8. I want to be an IT techintian.
    I write political essays and short storyies.
  9. What sort of things do you write? Do you have any career in mind?
  10. Ive always loved writing but I dont want to take it as a carrier.
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