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Conversation Between Luka Megurine and RyuTama

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  1. Ah, that'd be fine. I already understand hiragana and katakana. =3 It's just more grammar and kanji I still need to learn.
  2. Japanese for Busy People, Get the Kana and Romanized along with the Kana workbook. Why? Because the Kana doesn't give you the actually word just the writing so you need the Romanized version to completely understand it.
  3. Wow, lucky. o_o What are they called? I'd like to get some textbooks; all I have is a dictionary, lol.
  4. My mom's gonna buy me 3 textbooks off Amazon, so when my classes are over, I can use those.
  5. Nice. ^.^

    If you want, you can use this site for a bit more instruction. It's free, and you can meet and get feedback from native speakers of any language you're studying.
  6. How do you do? - Hajimemashita
    Doozo Yoroshiku - Nice to meet you (add onegaishimasu for formality)
    Kochira wa _____-san desu- This is (person's name).
    Ohayo- Good Morning
    Konnichiwa- Hello, or Good Day
    Konban wa- Good Afternoon/Evening
    Oyasuminasai- Good Night
    Sayoonara mata ashita- See you tomorrow
    Sayoonara mata raishuu- See you next week.
    Keitai no denwa bangoo wa XXX-XXX-XXXX desu.- My phone number is_____
    Ichi- 1
    Ni- 2
    San- 3
    shi/yon- 4 (use yon since Shi sounds like the Japanese word for death)
    Go- 5
    Roku- 6
    Shichi/Nana- 7 (use Nana)
    Hachi- 8
    Kyuu/Ku- 9 (use Kyuu)
    Zero- 0

    I know more from my self teaching so just tell me what else you want to learn!
  7. Natürlich!
  8. Since I've gone to 2 lessons of Japanese, would you like to learn some?! XD
  9. Well it's not really life-threatening. I'd have to redirect you to my blogs for you to get more information. The only blog I have explains the problems with it.
  10. Loool, one step at a time, ja? ;P Being an overachiever is all fine and dandy, but you don't want to overwork yourself unnecessarily, specially if you have some medical conditions that could cause problems. Everyone needs to know their own limits. I do hope things get better for you though; it would be nice to see you accomplish all of your goals like that. =]
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