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Conversation Between Luka Megurine and SuXrys

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  1. Then I would sudgest meatballs, potato, brown sauce with lingonberry jam. Or if you go to IKEA you can buy some Kalles Caviar and have it with some egg one a crisp bread (I read that after Oprah talked about crispbread it have started to show up in stores in America aswell). You could also try raggmunkar (with lingonberry jam ofc~), or fried pork, potato and onion sauce. I think those would be simply for you to try out.
  2. My dads part Swedish and my grandma on that side is Swedish. So I was just wondering! I've had a food from every nationality I am but Swedish food so I was wondering what kind of food I could try
  3. beef stew, Jansson's temptation, grynkorv, sausage, swedish black pudding, pickled salmon, pasta, meat sauce ... and well .. bit of everything I guess. We like hamburgers also, but I guess we don't eat it too often. Pasta, ketchup and meatballs is more common then. :P

    I think I wrote up some things that are more typical "swedish" then things swedes normally eat on a normal day. I just wrote up some things that we eat that I could think of. Haha! Forgive me if it became too much, but I didn't exactly knew what to write. I think we eat things that other countries eat aswell. But we use to have sauce to our foods, I have heard that is not that common everywere to have as an staple thing to the dishes.
  4. Are any of your parents from Sweden?

    I see. Well some is meatballs, mashed potatoes, fresh potatoes, thick pancakes (the thick one you make in the oven), raggmunkar (pancake with potato in it), brown beans, fried pork, onion sauce, lingonberry jam (I LOVE raw red cranberries!), Sour cream + chives as side-thingi, pickled herring (preferably mustard herring), "Prince sausage" (prinskorv), Kalle's caviar and crispbread (knäckebröd), with sometimes egg slices on it aswell, moose meat, cheese cake [not the one you know: but this:],
  5. Like typical foods that swedes eat. For instance: a staple food of America is a hamburger.
  6. It's okey, you can ask me anything.

    But just so I am sure what you mean: You are asking for typical foods that swedes eat? / or do you ask for typical "swedish food"?
  7. I know we havent talked in forums much but I was curious on something. Im part Swedish and I was wondering what are some staple foods of Sweden? I was always kind of curious.
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