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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Xanfiore

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  1. ;o;
  2. I want biscuits though argh/ Y U NO gimme biscuits?

    So so so, how have you been doing Zoe?
  3. But, you can't eat biscuits for the rest of your life okay? Or you'll get sick =O

    Fluffy is fluffy. But got bad mold so no~ :3

    Oh, you mean Kida? Yeah, I remmber. Why?
  4. yeah that way I can no longer get hungry *^* *^*

    Isnt fluffy yummy yummy though? *O* Feeds me it *r*

    *huggle wuggles ritzu back* It feels like I'm in heaven *^*
    hey remember when you had that weird wiggly finger avi? =O
  5. Stocks for the rest of your life? xD

    Erm, I'm not sure =O
    It'll turn fluffy thou

    *huggles siggy sis as well*
    Haha, I won't. But I will hug you verryyy~~ >:3
  6. yay!!! omg exactly how many stocks are you gonna gimme?

    but what if siggy likes it modly? o-o
    moldy isnt poisonous ryt ryt?

    *huggles tight* yay sis responded =D
    Dont shake me like that guy on your avi
  7. Maybe I should give you tons of stocks >:3

    For free? ryt..
    Coming to your house in front of your door in the next 24 hours
    Better open it quickly or it'll turn moldy xD
  8. you should send me mutli cho I think I can eat like a bazillion of those *^*

    and I would but I'll wait till you gimme some for free. >.> *is cheap*
  9. well,yeah >:3 I really do~
    heh, I'll send you a really really delicious one then, multi choc or dark choc?

    Go and buy some then >
    there loads of them at any store
  10. you really love biscuits then right right? *^* if you start working there you have to promise me that you'll send me some so I can tasty.

    omg, just talking about it.... *^* I wanna......*^* I wanna have a biscuit.
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