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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Kaitou+

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  1. Use Manga Reader. Take into account the series is divided int o 8 Parts, and those 8 parts have different amount of volumes, and different amount of chapters.

    Take it as reading all 7 HP Books or something. (doesn't really relate but but you get the idea of how long it could take..this might be longer).

    Read Phantom Breaker first, then Battle Tendency, then Stardust Crusaders, then Diamond is Unbreakable, then Vento Aureo, then Star Ocean. Steel Ball Run (Alternate Universe) and Jojolion (which is from 2011, hasn't finished).
  2. then gimme a link showing me where i can read it, because the website i used before got shut down
  3. read Jojo already lol smh

    you're missing out in the best shonen manga out there before One Piece.
  4. Lol Minecraft x Jojo.
  5. Probably.

    puhi puhi puhi looool
  6. Yeah they were. Then everything went to shit when we changed over to msn. I think that's what killed mostly everything. Ellxeevs and I were just talking about that the other day.
  7. Lmao, i couldnt read all of it.

    Puhi puhi puhi
  8. Looking @ previous convos.

    Yikes, those times used to be the shit.
  9. It's like building a puzzle, lol. Nothing hard.
    I mean, you gotta be clumpsy to really mess up any of the parts. They are delicate but they also mess up if you aren't careful.
  10. I could build my own but I'd have a bunch of things to learn before i can do that. If you mess with the motherboard you're fucked so I just got one that's already made. Plus it beats the hassle of breaking something or installing so many damn drivers.
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