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Conversation Between Rein* and SigmaSD

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  1. dont wory sis I'm doing fine. Sorry for worrying you. But how arey you doing? How does it feel to be an awesome engineer?
  2. hey bro, its been forever. I hope you're ok.
  3. Happy holidays. *warm hug* I hope you're having a great time. Siggy misses you. *clings*
  4. Happy Holiday ^_^
  5. dont get too excited, i'm sick sad and my birthday is on saturday...i hope i get better soon
  6. Really really? Thank goodness. *huddles*
  7. i'm feeling better, thats great
  8. Wait, you don't feel good? *is worried* Hope you feel better soon. *huggles*

    I got to take care of my cousins this weekend and it was kinda fun. My older cousin got annoying cause he asked a lot of questions. But I managed to handle him.
  9. i'm ok, i was just a little under the weather nothing major.
  10. You too sis. Haven't talked in a while and I'm kinda worried. Or maybe you're just busy. Still feels great hearing from both you and Azul. It might not be the same as before but I love the fact that we still stay in touch. Also, last time I heard from you you were feeling sick, so I was worried.
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