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Conversation Between Dr. Evil and DOOM!

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  1. Hey, I just caught up with your latest news (and I sure missed a lot of events).
    I'm unhappy to know about your loss, man. I can estimate the intensity of your pain, but I hope you'll quit your grief really soon; the longer you keep on, the more it'll destroy you on all levels from the inside. Take some time, get back in the swing, and, willingly, come back and keep rolling with us, whether the fools like it or not. Don't let some Fagbook mongers discourage you.
  2. I joined in 2008 and then it was a bit...weak. Now it's a kindergarten where hurting someone's feelings gets you nailed to a cross. Also, I leave periodically to tend to life changes and work schedules. I could say the same from you.
  3. Well, the most of AF seems to have mutated from a circlejerk into something similar to that monster who shits in his own mouth from Drawn Together The Movie.
    Haven't seen you around Misc lately. But then again, I, myself come around once every full moon...
  4. It's a pleasure. We feel as though you are one of the few left on this forum that actually makes sense. feels good on the whole.
  5. I would like to thank you and your MiniMe for your timeless support.
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