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Conversation Between Kagome and KoeAi

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  1. Its ok althought just the basics. At least, i tried to learn it. Thanks!
  2. No problem~ I'm female-if the character name didn't give that And I'm actually from the USA, but I've learned a good chunk of the Japanese language. I'm not totally fluent in it yet...but I do hope to get to that point. I can teach you basics, but nothing astronomically awesome.
  3. Hahax, gomen. I tried to learn my own language, but its difficult to understand it. Malay and eng are more easier. What i learn from dic, yookoso is u're welcome and doutashimashite is u're welcome to this place. Hahax, whatever, thanks. Where are u from? Whats ur gender? If u know nihon-go, can u teach me? I was ashamed with myself because i can't speak nihon althought i am from that country.
  4. ::giggles:: That means "welcome here" I think you were looking for "douiteshimashite" which is "you're welcome"
  5. Yoo-koso
  6. Thanks for the request. ^^
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