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Conversation Between Des and Vintniv

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  1. Hmm.
    Oh yeah, you never did upload thos video tutorials to youtube :P
  2. I dont even have a youtube channel.
  3. Aw oh well.
    Think it was a video tutorial, 2 parts. Did you delete your youtube channel?
  4. From Shuffle? If its here, I am pretty sure I dont have that tag or tutorial anymore. I havent used a render from that series in a long time.
  5. Oh ups, it was Kaede her name was :P
  6. Kanade..... I dont remember ever making a signature with Kanade. You do mean... Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats right?
  7. Hello mister
    Did you never post that tutorial with Kanade on here? Can't find it :/
    Wanted to share it with someone on another forum, someone who's trying to do C4Ds in the signature, and doing some liquifying on it.

    Edit: Seems like you've made more than one sig with Kanade.
    I meant the one where you used a stock image with her on it, then put some C4Ds around the edges and then liquified the C4Ds. Not sure, but I think you made a B7W version of it (too).
  8. Huge face in your comments :P
  9. Good
  10. Registered, I have good feelings about this one.
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