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Conversation Between sunnyside and ~Shobu~

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  1. Hey sunny, is it alright if we start the next day? I think Cross is kind of posting sort of a limbo-type post haha.
  2. It looks like your game is getting a lot of interest! Congrats. I was tempted to make a character, but maybe that woudl be weird, especially with such young characters. Still, maybe if at some point you feel like you need someone else (which is more likely down the road when players start dropping and you need more than initially).
  3. You know what? You practically read my mind. I did notice the trend on the current RPGs as well as well so I wanted to go for a more light-hearted one. I just finished Hollow's horribly long sign-up sheet (It took me a bit to actually read and comprehend exactly what he was saying in the post since I always read it while I was half asleep) so I'm going to start working on one.

    I guess it depends on what the RPG is. I hope you do sign up! We'll see!
  4. It might work well to have a different sort of game than what we have at the moment. What I mean is that we've got two games that I'd consider survival horrer (which I know isn't everyones cup of tea from various conversations from players I really enjoyed in Magic Mixer). Then we have two games that seem to be centered around combat and elaborate descriptions of weapons and attack types, which I suspect also isn't going to appeal to everybody.

    So maybe it would be good to have a fifth game that touched on other RP aspects. Maybe something that's lighter and more social? Up to you obviously, I'm just tossing out thoughts and opinions.
  5. Heh. Actually as much as you do need to consider keeping everyone else's interest don't forget about your own! The GM ditching is probably as big if not a bigger game killer here than losing players!

    Hmmm. I won't say that I won't join up, but I've been jaded about playing for a while (And I don't know that I'd ever want to co-GM). That said, I'm here for any advice or cheerleading needs you may have.
  6. Oh, I'd be more than happy to run a game! It's just the part of coming up with one that'll keep people's interest that poses a problem. I'll start thinking though. Are you going to be apart of it I hope? I haven't had the pleasure of rping with you yet. ^_^

    Maybe you could help me as a Co-GM? I'm thinking of asking Cross as well.
  7. Actually, even though the origional GM and a lot of players abandoned it, Sols and Cross got togther to wrap up Nightmare Hunt. I believe they consider it completed at this point. Though it looks like old threads aren't automatically locked anymore, so I guess you could ask them if you could add something more.

    And I suppose I'm just asking about you running a game because I'd like things to be more lively in the RP board. I'll grant that AF is a hard place to keep a game alive, but there still seems to be strong demand and I bet you could get a fair number of signups.
  8. Why hello! I'm pretty honored to receive a message from you since your RP was the only one to finish since I've joined!
    Anyways, I have actually thought about it. I have noticed that the RPG forum has died down a little. I was hoping to finish off Nightmare Hunt, but everyone I was interacting with disappeared. Why do you ask?
  9. I noticed you mentioned and RPG that you'd run or considered running in the past. Have you thought about trying again? The RPG forum could really use some more life! And you seem like fun so it might work.
  10. It's from Kaori Yuki's "Boys Next Door." Those two are he main characters. ^_^
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