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Conversation Between sunnyside and Hollow Ichigo

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  1. Er. I meant "game" not "fame" in my pm to you. I didn't think to proof it until it was sent.

    Anyway, best of luck!
  2. Yes a general recap would help. I know your go at explaining absences and such so I leave it to u.
  3. Ha. Is that because of the ramen eating avatar I've got at the moment?

    Anyway, are you saying that you need a recap before you can make a return post (I was planning to recap some in thread for both you, maru, and anybody else that might wander back). But I could go back further and cover more if needed.
  4. For some reason I can imagine the real you sitting behind your computer/laptop with a cup of ramen playing the games. Lol
  5. Yes a recap would be awesome gamemaster.
  6. Sweet. That's pretty easy. Basically since Maru wasn't active much after you stopped again I had your character (who is currently a big spirit cat her character is riding on) get her out of the area when trouble arrived.

    If you're up for posting, you could simply make a "hey I'm back" type post where you're talking to Maru's character, and then maybe walk back to the area with the pond, and I could set up the scene there. Or don't walk that right away if you'd like some time to just freely speak with Maru's character.

    If you need to, I could provide some recapping or whatnot.
  7. If you can find a place I'm in.
  8. So it looks like the new games are up and running, are you to a point yet where I might be able to get you active in marchers, or you need a little time? It would be sweet to have you and Maru back, and you could tie up one of the needed plot threads to change how the game might end out, and there isn't that much time left.
  9. Well Blaze we behind Bleach:AOE but I helped where needed. Character design and his zanpakuto
  10. So were you also behind the Bleach AEO game a while back or was that all Blaze?

    Anyway if you want to get in on Nightmarchers let me know, I think I know where I'd put you back in, though you could have options. I'm pretty hopeful that would bring back in Maru. I could also provide the recap you two would probably need. Currently the players are stradeling between two of the possible endings, just by merit of being able to accomplish more (or even just by having more time to RP with each other thus gaining points) you'd be in a better position to sway that.
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