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Conversation Between sunnyside and Kiss of Death

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  1. Actually, now I'm wearing two rings on the same finger, because now I have a girlfriend :3
  2. Who knows, maybe that could be your pick up line? You notice some prospective guy looking at the ring and then you can smile at him and let him know it's just your good luck charm, you aren't married or dating or widowed.

    He'll ask why you don't put it on a different finger, and you can say it doesn't fit. Things can roll from there. :P
  3. I have no idea about the widow thing, but I know my parents and many people wear wedding rings on right hand. Also, there are couple rings which are silver, so maybe people assume I'm simply dating someone? I will have to check it out.
    And also, what are you suggesting? This is my good luck charm. I can't just.. not keep it? It won'f fit on any other finger thou...
  4. So maybe they think you're married, and metal. :P

    I didn't know some Europeans wore wedding rings on the right hand. Maybe a eastern European/ Nordic thing? Do they also not have the "wedding ring on the other hand means you're a widow" thing?
  5. Thank you for notice, but it is snake wrapt around my finger. I wonder if that a ring you'd give for your fiancee? Also, I'm from Europe and we have those rings as well as merrage ones on our right hand. This is on my left. But thank you for telling me. No wonder I'm single for 2 years
  6. Careful with the ring. If it's on that finger of your left hand you'll shoo away the guys by making them think you're engaged. At least if you live in the US
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