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Conversation Between sunnyside and LittleMomo

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  1. Oh my. Well, while I'm a bit surprised they made you change it, I can see why.

    But never knew you as that name. Just jump.
  2. Indeed, but I believe I won't be going back to the same person as I was before. My name was changed for forum reasons only lol. My name before was Moe Lester and I only tested the name until I got in trouble for it. It was changed manually.
  3. So was your name and other profile changes an attempt at getting to be a new you on the old forum? Or something like that?

    You're certainly at an age where people change a lot.
  4. No, I believe that is the old me. I don't have anyone and just enjoying life and spreading joy and happiness to those around me. I am more at peace than I was before.
  5. Really? *pokes around the old nightmarchers threads*

    Jump_for_Luck! You're Jump_for_Luck ! heh heh, still hitting on the AF ladies?
  6. I believe I was one of those who participated in your first RPG made.
  7. Well hello, do I know you by a different name here? People change so often!

    Or are you just surprising and friendly?
  8. Looks like it's been a while hasn't it Sunnyside Up.
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