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  1. Also my lap has been kaput for a while now so I'll get on when I can.
  2. Shi's focused atm on the incident and the bigger picture like what's going on, what happened and the important details. Upon arrival I doubt shi'd suddenly see Scrouge'sdaughter.
  3. Just to confirm, you're having Juggernaut not notice Silver (Scourgesdaughter's character). That's quite fine. I just wanted to check.
  4. Oh, I'm not trying to exclude anybody, and I sent them the same message I sent you. However they haven't been on the forum since 2008, so I'm not so hopeful. However some people do get an e-mail when someone sends them a PM, that's the only reason I even bothered.

    FYI the person I'm talking about is:

    And it looks like they put their AIM in their profile if you're interested.
  5. I'm willing to do that change their back ground for this rp but I think the other should be allowed to be a chakat also. As I stated in the pm Chakats need other Chakats or none at all. So whoever else wanted to, can join as one. I'm willing to interact with others and my character is already talented Being an Empathic and telepathtic is normal for chakats but my character's survival and gun use reflexes help show hir talents. I'm willing to tweak my character's background and I knew it'd like have to be done, but I gave you the info of the regular chakat universe style info so you'd know my character's life so far. The rest is classified between us. If the other person who likes doing chakats ask I'm ok with them looking at my character's info; However I suggest if they really want to best rp them go to Chakats Den like I do and read stories and they provide info on Skunktaurs and chakats.
  6. To be clear this game isn't meant to be a Trek Sim. So when I say Chackat I'm referring to their physical form as opposed to their sci-fi backstory. So the character you posted would largely work in terms of their abilities and personality, you'd just have to tweak their backstory, and maybe add some magical type talents.

    However you could very well be the only Chackat type character at the college. From my perspective that produces an interesting "away from home and feeling out of place" dynamic (being willing to be or become pregnant prodcues another potentially interesting dynamic), however it would have to work for you and you'd have to be willing to engage and interact with the other players.
  7. Yes in fact the other one is like Star Trek but deals with the Chakat Universe. My character is named Midnight Juggernaut, which should give some hints as to hir pelt color. The reversal of a Siberian tiger. Zebra colored flat top and if hir orange eyes are cast just right at night scares the living day lights out of others. I can give you the bio for my character if you like. I do chakats mostly and if not allowed I have another character as back up which is also being used. There can be more than one chakat in rp. Usually they need to be two or more if someone is going to be one, Its a health thing. If you go to Chakat's den and read the stories it'll give info on the chakat's and also show how their lifestyles differ but how others also interact with them.
  8. Huh. Actually I meanted the Chackat bit for a different user that I know was reaaaally into Chackats. So yu're saying that you're in other games on other forums where you play a particular Chackat?
  9. Sunny that game has stoke my interest and I'm already doing other ones like it but not as bad as this. More actual and down to Earth of the Chakat universe. I would like to do the game as my character i use in all the others.
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