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Conversation Between sunnyside and ms.Purdy

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  1. hi there!!!
  2. And quite freidnly you are! Look at your wall. You're lucky they don't have data limits on that the way they do on private messages.

    Anyway I'm pretty regularly around on this forum. Generally in the RP board (let me know if you're ever interested in a game), and I pop into misc now and then. I suppose occasionally into one of the others if I'm looking for recomendations for what to watch.

    I find I'm getting pickier as I watch more series, as I'm morel ikely to get that "I've seen this before, and done better." feeling.
  3. i'm saying hi to be friendly
  4. Um, well hello. Any reason you said hi, or are you just randomly friendly?
  5. hi there
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