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Conversation Between Anuket and Meteorkeeper

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  1. Indeed but all things in time right
  2. Ah, pity. X3
  3. I get along with a few very well but no one as of yet has peeked my interest.
  4. Haha, I see...

    Don't you fancy anyone? X3
  5. That's grate to hear.
    I get the same from all my children though they keep on telling me to find them a mom (there just teasing me I think lol).
  6. Great, I get lots of love all the time from my wife and daughter. <33

  7. How gos things with your family?
  8. Indeed, that is quite difficult. =3
  9. Indeed but I believe all that work is well worth it.
    My kids are all grate now all that’s left is to find them a mother lol.
  10. =O

    Lots of adoption papers to take care of, huh.
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