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Conversation Between Anuket and NorthOfTime

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  1. You still around on here? Long time no talk.
  2. You know, you should sleep on it and maybe in your dream you'd meet a leprechaun then you should take all his gold and use it to buy cases of beers. Who knows, maybe when you wake up your room would be filled with all of those beers you've bought.

    We can always dream~ >X3 And thank you for the gift~ <333
  3. Nothen much. Just chillen, thinking of world domination.. Sigh, if only i had a couple more cases of beer...
  4. XD No problem, any time! ^ ^

    So wha'cha up to?? =3
  5. Hey thanks for the friend request and thanks for keeping your opinions of me the same lol. Have a great day!
  6. Dark and mysterious eh? You know what they say, "Still water runs deep."
    I didn't want to post anything not related to your thread because I think it would be spamming so... XD
    And don't you worry, you being in military doesn't change anything at all. =3
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