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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Miss Electric Moonlight

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  1. Both links are helpful. Thanks!
  2. You mean visual theme or wallpaper?

    the visual theme is "Geniun 8" from DeviantArt.

    The CPU meter and all are rainmeter skins.
  3. Moon, what is the name of your current Windows 7 theme? (or at least the latest you shown in the desktop thread).
  4. thanks!
  5. Yo Happy Belated Birthday
  6. Many welcomes.
  7. I never noticed you left your message on my blog until now.

    Thanks so much. =)
  8. Sorry, I forgot I set my profile on Private.
  9. I been meaning to get that widget/gadget in your latest desktop screenie.
    Mind linking it to me, please? =o
  10. Why thank you. :]
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