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Conversation Between Cross Avantgarde and Jasanime

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  1. Hmmm... thanks for the recommendation. I'll let you know when I get around to checking it out. Could come in handy when I move house next month and have no internet for a week or 2!
  2. Hah, yeah, a couple of people in my class found out they didn't like them either after they did some intern-teaching, so you're not alone in that. Philosophy is as accessible as the writer you're reading, and it was Kierkegaard's works that got me into it. But I think you'd probably like Jostein Gaarder's book, Sophie's World. It's a history of western philosophy that is both accessible and accurate, on top of just being a good read. If you do pick it up, tell me what you think?
  3. Wow that sounds interesting. Especially English. I have to tried to read books on Philosophy but most of it is a bit hard for me to grasp. I have always thought I'd love to be an English teacher since so many kids can't seem to write or spell properly these days. Only problem is I don't really like kids....
  4. Ahh, I see. Schedules do have a lot to do with how good the job is. So far so good on the exams. Studying Philosophy and English. Old English was the most challenging but I just turned in the final paper so that's another one down.
  5. Hey, thanks for that. Although I'm in retail now after working in gyms for years. The fitness industry is fun, but the hours are awful. Hope your exams went well. What are you studying?
  6. A personal trainer, you say? Nice! Your kind is well respected on campus, and your work is very practical. Meant to add this message when you first mentioned that, but I was rather restrained by exams.
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