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Conversation Between ~*Red*~ and Misheru Haruno

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  1. I keep reading my History notes over and over so they stick in my head - tests are usually based on what you have learnt, so it shouldn't be too hard
  2. i will try my best

    and noooo >_<
    not yeet
  3. I know you will do your best

    So have you looked over everything you did in geometry?
  4. ikr!!!!
    and they expect us to study for something that cant be studied for?
    >shakes head<
  5. No idea >_<
  6. lol
    but seriously
  7. I said the same thing when I was studying maths in high school.
  8. ik but the thing is
    i dont feel like studying math
    how the hell u even study that anyway?
  9. *nods* it's all good if you want to go and study for a bit
  10. i really shuld be studying...
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