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Conversation Between sakuraAnne and Meroty

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  1. Yep Yep!!! ^^
  2. hi kamusta you all here..?
  3. Hi! Kamusta na??? XD
  4. Thank you! Happy valentines too! =)) ♥
  5. Happy Hearts day..♥♥♥
  6. Hahaha! Pinoy ka din pala....
    Thanks sa suggestions mo, i-try ko gawin yon.
  7. hmmm looks good na ang profile mo...
    Pero you can change your background boxes para makita talaga ang background pic mo...
    hehehe sorry comment masyado ako...
  8. Thank you for the advise! :-) ♥ I did it just now.
    I love your profile pic! Are you a fan of Card Captor Sakura?
    You can drop by my profile and post there a visitor message, so we can talk.
  9. Wow! Your profile is the cutest and coolest I've ever seen! No kidding!
    and I love your backround....I really wanted to add one but I dunno how to.
    Oohh please tell me...
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