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Conversation Between Gero50 and すずめ

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  1. Ic.
    I'm used to staying alone in my house, even in the night.
  2. Yah I'm use to it though. It is what it is.
  3. Oh ic.
  4. I see. I don't really do a lot during the holidays with my family. we
    re that close.
  5. Nah.
    Me and mom have holidays in May, summer vacation.
    She's a teacher.
    Dad works here in Dubai, so me and my mom come here and stay with dad for a few days.
  6. Thank you that means a lot. So dose your family take a vacation, and stuff in the summer or not really.
  7. U will gero.
    Good luck on finding one.

  8. Thats cool. I am taking the summer off, and going back in the fall. It just depends on if I can find a job or not.
  9. I know. I'm already in my summer vacation.
  10. Oh ok. lol So you also excited for summer, and not being in school.
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