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Conversation Between Gero50 and GameGeeks

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  1. Why is that just wondering.
  2. If you mean sigs, not well.
  3. I see, so how is your art coming along.
  4. Yeah, I much rather throw around magic or wield a blade.
  5. I guess I did not think about it. I agree about guns they are not all that interesting though it depends I guess.
  6. Fantasy, I'm not a fan of guns. And why don't you just pester me on MSN?
  7. What kind of games do you like.
  8. It's alright, not in my preferred type of games.
  9. What do you think of new vegas, is it really that good. I was just wondering. From what I have seen I see no reason to think to poorly of it.
  10. Working on DA, and kinda stalled on New Vegas.
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