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Conversation Between Gero50 and GameGeeks

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  1. ah ok yah good idea.
  2. Just recently got back into watching it. Picking back up with the Slayers series. Restarted Slayers Try since I didn't remember where I left off.
  3. Oh man sounds like you too have had your hands full for some time. So you watch any good anime recently. I have not, but on the 11th I am looking foreword to the new Yu-Gi-Oh series.
  4. Same, up and left for two months.
  5. I have been alright busy with work and whatnot also a lot has been happening in my personal life.
  6. Fine, you?
  7. Hay man how is everything been.
  8. Neither for nor against it.
  9. I see,
    So what do you think of that activity mod the owners put up on here.
  10. Just not that great.
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