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Conversation Between Bulf and Zenister

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  1. Hey, I'll collab with someone for sotw if someone needs a partner. I'm getting back into graphics again.
  2. Did you see what I posted in your Sig thread?
  3. Yeah -eyeroll-. I just ignore him, though.

    Also, congrats on your modship. You deserve it.
  4. Nice BOTM entry! I hope mine isn't paired with yours, ha ha.
  5. Thanks! I thought I was going to mess it up due to my habit of "adding as much as possible" though.
  6. Your wallpaper of the month entry is astoundingly good.
  7. I wouldn't mind participating in that GFx tournament you were talking about if it's still going on.
  8. So you think my old stuff is better than my new stuff?

    If it helps, I try my best each time.
  9. I dunno, but looking at some of your oldsotw entries I'm pretty sure you could win them all if you wanted to xD.
  10. What do you mean?
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