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Conversation Between Hideki Motosuwa. and luz~

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  1. I've noticed that XD Yes, I'm okay now, thanks for asking! I do have a job now (thank God lol). And no worries, I appreciate it though. So, what's up? Happy Thanksgiving btw!
  2. It's not one I visit often anymore either. So you're fine and that really sucks man, I wish there was something I could do to help.
  3. Heh, that's because I'm in a slump right now. Jobless and depressed is not a good combo :o So, how are you? And sorry about the big time gaps between replies, this site isn't one I regularly come to anymore lol.
  4. Thanks why are you laying low by the way?
  5. Aww, well, what you're doing is a good thing though. Good luck with everything!
  6. Lots of schooling. v.v
  7. Laying low lol. You?
  8. How have you been?
  9. Hello
  10. Yosh~
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