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Conversation Between Hautalken and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. Oh no not really. How about yourself?
  2. so how have been today anything interesting
  3. Ahaha ^^; Sure~
  4. sorry now I get it sorry hahahaha I'll try to keep track to be annoyed ok
  5. Oh, well in that case, you can just hit the 'view conversation' link to the right. The whole log is there.
  6. no I ain't doing it to annoy you I just don't remember what you've sent ok
  7. .......either you never really read my VMs to you, or you're just doing this to annoy me...I really can't tell.
  8. heyhey what doin
  9. Uhhh, no nothing much really. Just a bit busy thanks to Ramadan. But that's all. And you?
  10. hey girl whats goin with you
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