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Conversation Between SuXrys and wolfgirl90

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  1. I live outside of the city in the suburbs. While the Richmond area is pretty big, the city itself is actually relatively small (compared to other cities in the country).

    We just have a lot of stuff crammed in here.
  2. I have been looking at some pictures and that city seems to be so big! :o Are you living in the middle of the city, or do you live outside?
  3. Oh, sorry.

    I live in Richmond, Virginia.

    Virginia (Va) is a state in the US.
  4. "Va"? O____o [not American]
  5. I live in Richmond, Va.

    We've got rapids, peanuts, and lots and lots of ham.
  6. Aaaaaah.... stupid me for not thinking about that... *face palm*

    Where do you live IRL btw?
  7. Because Odin and Sleipnir bring them.
  8. Why don't they need to deliver your presents? O__o
  9. DEER!! Because its everywhere!!

    Not reindeer, because they are needed to deliver presents (not mine, of course).
  10. Hihihih!!! ~ You just called me cuddlebun! xD Heheh, I know someone in that misc thread that would be pretty jelly right now... ;D
    What have you been hunting? Breakfast for me? What's on the meny?
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