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Conversation Between SuXrys and wolfgirl90

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  1. Merry christmas!
  2. I see.... so right now.... I know where you live!! ;D Hahaha spoooooooky....!
    Are you feeling afraid? Or are you... feeling something else? ~
  3. This is a different (and slightly more confusing) map than the one I wanted to show you.

    The dark-yellow (almost bronze) line represents the city limits of Richmond (except the top one near "Mechanicsville"; not sure what that is lol). That part is the actual city.

    The yellow shaded areas are parts of the Richmond area (areas that, despite their local name, have their addresses officially listed as "Richmond").

    For example, right under the Southside label is a "town" called Bon Air (which is actually where I live ). The local area is known as "Bon Air" but we technically live in the city of Richmond.
  4. Aaaah... finally a picture worthing my attention.

    I just have to say that the map is weird, if only the yellow is considering being a part of the city. Poor the fools who lives just above the "D" in "west enD". xD Hahahah! They are almost surrounded by the city - but arn't a part of the city itself. Little ironic in my eyes... just a little. *whipes away tear*
  5. *tilts head*

    Hmm...I don't know. I can see both of them.

    Can you see this one?

  6. I can only see 1 picture. What is going on???! D:
  7. The first picture is the map.

    And I'm only using the word "small" to indicate that compared to other cities here, its small. Of course, if one is not used to big cities, Richmond will seem pretty big.
  8. Nom nom nom nom skyskrapers nom nom nom nom ~

    But wait... that's just some buldings, not a map. :O Are you trying to trick me??!!!
    and again... small? -shrugs-
  9. Well, the city of Richmond is small compared to other cities in the US (the big ones, like NYC, Miami, D.C.). However, the Richmond metro area is huge.

    This is a map of the metro area. The yellow part is the city itself. Pretty small as far as cities go in the US (and the pictures you've seen are probably our downtown area, which again, is relatively small). However, the entire map is considered part of the Richmond area. Confusing, yes?

    But I like our small size. It gives you a chance to feel as if you are in a big city without being suffocated by it all (its nowhere the scale of New York City or Washington, D.C.). Plus, we do this really cool thing where we light up the city during the holidays.

    Pretty, right?
  10. "small"? ... SMALL???! Darling ~ I live in one of the biggest countires in Europe (5th), but a country that has one of the lowest populations. We are only 9 millions in total in our vaste vaaaaaaaaaaaste land, and of them 1 million lives in the capital. Darling ~ your city is not small. ... ... ... atleast not to me. xD I am just sitting and looking at pictures of your area and thinking "G'damn!".
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