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Conversation Between SuXrys and Infinita

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  1. That is very true. You know me so well but I will think about it first. lol :3
  2. Suuure you can, come on. *wink wink* ;D I know that you can't resist to join a yugioh-based wolfgame.
  3. Maybe. lol I'm working quite often. Not sure if I can. :3
  4. Yeah I meant that.... Blast my english grammar! *fist of anger in the air*
    We havn't had any snow yet here either, which is very weird since we are soon in the middle of November. O_O So I have figured it out that this will only lead to a extreme cold winter. Everything will come at once, making everyone shocked and upset. >_> But a part of me still longs for the snow since I love the winter and snow in general. I love snow, so for me it can snow alot but the things that I dont like is when its that awful mix between "rain and snow" feels like walking in mud or when it's way to cold! Like when you are just walking to the store and before it has even been 5 minutes it feels like needles in your legs, because all the blood and all are freezing. >___<

    How is it to work as a server? Lol, pirate ^^
  5. Do you mean Chaos? I live in Canada, the snow is far worse here that I am aware of. Last year, I was walking to the bank and the snow that's normally on the ground over an acre from the bank is usually about 3 feet tall, last year, it was over 5 feet. It towered over me. So far, we have not had any snow yet. We have been forecasted to have snow but didn't.

    My boyfriend and I decided to go out for supper at the place I work. (I am a server at a fancy restaurant) I got him a gift certificate since I missed his birthday and we had a great time. Went and got some alcohol to start off the night before the bar. We left my place and walked to the bar. It was packed since it was the college halloween dance. I dressed as a pirate with blond curly hair. >.< We danced for a bit but it was so crowded and hot in there that it was so gross and the smoke machine was not helping anything. We stayed about 2 hours before going home. Overall, I had fun. :3
  6. I heard something about a snow caous (don't know the right spelling for that one) in USA?

    Also.... tell me more about that date that you had! ;D Give me as much details as possible, now I am curious!
  7. Same here. There is no snow on the ground yet but there should be in the next few weeks. It is already the end of October. Should be getting snow at the beginning of November. I believe it is something like that. What you want, you don't have but then again, you can find it online I am sure...the internet has everything. What doesn't it have? lol

    Not much over here. I've had midterms and I am enjoying my night tonight and going on a date and also going out to the bar. Tonight is my night to relax. How about you? :3
  8. I live in the great white north... :x I think? o_O Or atleast I live in the north but judging from the outside of my window it isn't exactly that 'white' yet. Have to wait for anyother month or so. Hm... well I find your clothes fancy. :3 I guess you want to have what you arn't having - or how now that saying is said.

    What has been going on in your place?
  9. Except if we live in the Great White North then people would freeze to death easily but then again, we could hunt for clothing too. Like they did in the ice ages!!

    I do find then fancy and nice looking. I guess the grad hats here are nice but I find them to be so square. :3
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