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Conversation Between SuXrys and Hakoshi

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  1. whaaa, I did nothing your the one staring xDD

    I'm doing good, bored, like the usual and the smell of chicken is floating around my house..
    ; ; now I'm hungry darn..
  2. So you do enjoy me starting? ... you perv. ~
    Your eye-catching-avatars-aside; how you doing? ~
  3. maybe, maybe I do ...

    wahaha -brick'd- nah I just like animated avatars xD
    they're cool to have lol
  4. *Scrathes my toe and stares at your avatar*

    Somehow I have been having a hard time lately stopping staring at the avatars you have been having recently. You really do enjoy having me staring at you like a fool don't you? >__<
  5. I can sense that too lol
    the problem coming lol
    go to sleep xDD
    also sorry for late reply.. was kinda busy with stuff.. ;v;
    sleep... its an epic thing xDD
  6. I do gusta sleeping aswell. :3 Which reminds me... I should go to sleep soon... but I am not as tired as I should... hmm..... I can see a problematic situation getting closer and closer.
  7. lol
    yeah I did xDD
    but I get sleepy at the same times..
    I like to sleep.. a lot.. ;v;
  8. I don't know about that "amazing" part, but I know the feeling. I have been there aswell. xD
    Didn't you got any sleep last night?
  9. I was having yawning festival during one of my classes..

    me:"-yawns- .......-yawns- .......-lays head down- ..-dozes- -wakes up- ....-yawns-.."
    teacher:"-blah blah blah- test -blah blah blah- "
    me:"-yawn- ......-bell rings leaves class to next one- " xDD
    aren't I an awesome student lol
    I always seem to yawn a lot .. mmm I should sleep more ;v;
  10. Sorta awake at school? How come?
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