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Conversation Between SuXrys and Kamaiki

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  1. But I even packed your school lunch... How can you look at me like that? ;-;
  2. THATS NOT MY NAME...... -_____- -walks to her room and sits there-
  3. Noooo come back Pinocchio!!!!! Come back!! You forgot your homework!

  4. thats not me and :PPPPPP bye -walks out....closing the door hard- talk to me when you know the facts
  5. Oh yeah???! ... Then HOW do YOU explain your nose ~ *points at it with a smirk of triumph spreading across my face*

    <<---- Yeah you can try to look innocent all the way you want... but I got you this time... *smirks*
  6. huh???? am not lying and know not going to explain myself farther cause i know what i meant and what i was saying
  7. I-SAID-YOU-WERE-LYING!!! I can see it at you!!!
  8. no am not..i was only joying...i do think you are cute....i was just messing with you -still walking toward the door-
  9. You are lying!!
  10. -pouts and turns to walk away- FINE....BE LIKE THAT I WAS ONLY KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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