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Conversation Between SuXrys and Jasanime

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  1. Both, kind of. For fun because the course itself was fun, and the career-thing is because I think it can be useful in the future.
  2. Yeah, Spice and wolf was pretty good. Maybe a 7 out of 10. But without Holo it would only be a 5.....

    Your course sounds fun and interesting. Is it for your career or just for fun??
  3. HmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I have heard people talking about spice and wolf before, maybe I should atleast glance at it sometime... hurpidurp...

    Nopp, not that smart! ;D (Actually I have a t-shirt with a printed text on it that everyone says fits me so well and it says (translated) "Im not dumb, I just have bad luck while thinking", haha!). The course is called "drama and storytelling as a teaching tool", and I loved the actual course but... you know... it's so boring writing about the books that was in it. >__X
  4. It's Holo from Spice and Wolf. She is a wonderful character!

    Even though you can buy cats and dogs in pet stores, I am not a supporter of it. Those animals often come from 'puppy farms' (google it cos I'm too lazy to explain!). We have many rescue shelters/pounds full of dogs and cats needing homes. If they don't find homes they are put to sleep. For this reason, I also don't like breeding. People are making money from animals while thousands of un-wanted pets are put to sleep. Anyway, that's just my view. I'm glad there are no dogs and cats in pet stores in your country :-)

    I am very allergic to cats so I can never have one :-(

    What is the course you are doing?
    I bet you're smart enough that you can afford to take plenty of breaks!
  5. I don't recognise your avatar, what anime is that from?

    Talking about pet stores I don't really understand why you people can buy dogs and cats in pet stores, I have never seen something like that (dogs and cates in pet stores) in real life because we can't do that here. We can only buy smaller animals, like mouses, hamsters, rabbits, birds exc in our stores. Dogs and cats and such you have to go to a breeder. But... I wouldn't mind looking at kittens when I am in a pet store... :> *has a weak heart when it comes to cats*

    Im up to nothing, have to write some pages about story drama (for a course that I want to finish) but it goes so sloooooooooOoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww, its boring and I'm taking many and looooong breaks. xD ... Im so bad at this. :-(
  6. OMG that is really sad!! It happens here too, there are so many pets in shelters needing home. I always recommend ppl adopt a new pet rather than going to a breeder or pet store. I have a Chihuahua x Pappilion that I adopted from a rescue place. He was mistreated and only has 1 eye. When I got him he was very skinny and timid. But now he is as happy as can be, and SUCH a good dog!

    I'm actually going to a con today. Doing a lolita maid cosplay. I should really start getting ready.....

    Also got some friends coming over tonight to celebrate my bf's birthday. Few drinks and such... should be fun.

    What are you up to??
  7. Well, it was sad anyway, so if you don't feel like completely destroying your mood then you shouldn't read it anyway. =( Besides, kind of talking about that manga (kind of since you havn't read it), have you heard of the mass-gassing of animals in asia? After reading that manga I googled some on it and right now I am really upset! People buying animals because they are cute, and then desposes of them when they are not cute anymore - or realizing that they where more work then then thought from the beginning. I know that that are people like that on other places aswell BUT STILL, just seeing pictures of the gassing-chambers just reallly push my triggers. Blleeeaaah... I think I have to start thinking of something else...

    Oh yeah! Something else, what are you up for this weekend? Any plans or just taking it chill at home?
  8. Hmm.... I haven't heard of that manga, but to be honest I don't really read manga. I prefer watching anime so I can see the characters movements and hear their voices. And when I do read, I prefer a good Stephen King novel, or something non-fiction.

    Right now I am eating breakfast (wholemeal toasted sandwich with avocado and tomato), drinking my coffee and writing to you. I will have to go into work soon for a meeting with the Regional manager and 2 other managers cos he visited our store last week and was not happy with how it looked. The other two managers were away, you see. So I was running the store by myself which means starting at 7:30am and finishing at 6:30pm. I had 4 ppl off sick, so I was basically trying to do the work of 6 ppl. Hence a few things getting missed.

    I don't think I'll be in trouble, cos they love me :-) but I think MY manager will be for taking time off at the same time as the other 2ic. Anyway, not really looking forward to it, but whatevs.
  9. Aaah.. now when you mention it - perhaps we have. O.o *thinking thinking* Anyway, what are you up to right now? I have been trying to get in toutch of some people over the phone but no one is answering. I think they are on a lunch break so I am waiting for a little longer before calling again, in the mean time Im watching some Justice League. Are sitting infront of the computer anyway so \_(ツ)_/ it's either that or starting to read this manga that I found (it's appereanly quite the emotional one). So we have to se, atleast I don't feel like doing anything productive at the moment, haha!
  10. Haha, sounds like we have a lot in common. I think we've had the spider conversation before, but I definitely have a phobia. I get nightmares, I can't stand pictures of them and I don't even like hearing the word spoken out loud!

    I'm also very afraid of needles. I've talking my way out vaccinations since I was 15. Haven't had one in over 10 years. Probably got a bunch of diseases... but at least I avoided the needles!!
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