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Conversation Between SuXrys and AnimeLover857

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  1. So you think plastic is right? :3 Don't want you to write down the wrong answer...
  2. omiii goooosh thaaaaaank uuuuuuu soooooooo muuuuch!!!!!!!!!!! thtlll work thnks
  3. Or that is if you mean primary product = important product. Oh I don't know about this... >___>
    What other things have you written so far?
  4. Isn't plastic considered as a primary product? It's used in/for so much after all.
  5. iv gotten most of them already soooo now all i need is 1 primary product tht has crude oil in it......
  6. So you need things that are to the most part made of oil? Or what do you need? Im not sure I follow. :3
  7. kindof but i need to know if its primary or secondary.......
  8. For example is plastic always generally made from oil. And since plastic can be found in many things such as clothes, electronic, packaging, bottles, furniture, shoes exc you have some there. You can also find oil in gasoline and in many chemicals (like the one that you use to clean your house with). Also many drugs contains molecules that are synthesized from substances derived from oil. Oil can also be found in solvents, fertilizers and pesticides exc.

    In general most of the oil is used for other things then you thought, like for cars. You can find oil in so many things.

    There you have some things, hope that helped!
  9. How many do you need?
  10. what are some primary products with crude oil in them?????????
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