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Conversation Between SuXrys and Venexus

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  1. Oh nom nom nom nom! ~ <3 That sounds like a really good plan in my ears! ^^
    prrr..... ~ =^w^=
  2. Darn. Foiled again!

    I haven't started watching it just yet, I'm going to ask my bf about it and see if he can download it or something and we can watch it together. ^_^
  3. Ohohohwhoho....!! Stop you! ~ ;D
    What are you up to? Have you started to watch Gintama yet?
  4. O_O

    *Pokes back*
  5. *pokes pokes pokes pokes*
  6. Oooh.... you have missed so much ;__; It's my favorite anime together with Naruto Shippuuden. The first episodes can be a little slow but then IT'S SO FUNNY!!! For example one epiodes was just about them not having any toilet paper, but I laughed so hard that I feel out the chair. Seriosly; I really did... Or more like "slipped" since the chair went down with me... ^^ <--- example. ever seen something so dramatic in your entire life? xD
  7. No I haven't. O_O What's it about?
  8. Then have you watched Gintama?
  9. Definitely. Even a little humor goes a long way. ^_^
    I like a little bit of action, too. XD
  10. Hey I love Soul Eater!! it was awhile since I watched it, but I remember how I loved the "SHINIGAMI CHOOOOOOOPP!!!" xD
    So you like shows with a little bit humor in them, but still not only humor but a little story aswell, jes?
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