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Conversation Between SuXrys and SakuraKiss13

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  1. Sloths are impressive. :3
  2. Wow.. That's really impressive!
  3. Here is something else that is impressing, a flying sloth:
    (I am kind of bored right now)
  4. Well. It was difficult. I had to really do good in school. For the last three semesters, They are impressed with my grades which convinced them to pursue my studies there.
  5. Ah, that's lucky. Was it hard to get them over to your side of the matter?
  6. Yup. I'm also reading 2 Chemistry courses today. And 6 Physics courses in the future.

    And oh, Don't worry. The matter between me and parents is settled. I'm living in a dormitory. They are fine with it now and They sure are proud that I haven't received failing marks.
  7. I don't quite remember but wasn't it some kind of engineer (I have no idea how to spell that word) that you are trying to become? You are not only going to read math courses, now are you? Are you reading something else right now besides from the math? And I -think- I remember that you said, before you started studying, that you where going to move into your sisters place, but your parents were against you moving so far away - how it that going? Are you living with your sister now? Are the situation between you and your parents ok?
  8. Yup. 10 Maths.
  9. 10??????!! *vomits*
  10. Oh yeah. Before I graduate from Engineering. I have to finish 10 Math courses. I'm on my 5th math course already. It's Calculus. I despise Calculus and my professors are such a pain! XD
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