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Conversation Between SuXrys and symphofear

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  1. Or maybe Im just laughing at you - who are trying and trying to make yourself look smart; but you're just utterly failing.

  2. lol did u got some laughing virus that u cant stop laughing? =X
  3. Crap! u making me wanna know more!!! @!$@#%!@ ~.=
  4. I will neveres tešll u

  5. lol why? r u in love with them, like me? =X
  6. No offense, but I have a hard time stop staring at your avatar.
  7. lol serious? i only know there's a lot philipinos and chinas in singapore here, no offense =X.
  8. No wonder. Our factorys and our jobs are moved over to your place. :P Not good *swears some myself*
  9. Eh yea though they are quite helpful over here in Singapore but they are taking over the spaces here in terms of employment or housing! @$!@#$
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