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Conversation Between SuXrys and Will Phuah

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  1. Hahah no... ;D I'm not online in here as much as I was before, but still, I don't think I was "super popular" even when I had the time to sit in here almost 21/7. More like a spamming member who likes to spam, hahah! xD Anyway, HOW DARE YOUR EXAMS STOP YOU FROM WATCHING HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA??? Ggrrr!!! Stupid exams are stupid! D: And then I am studying towards becoming a teacher.... X__o I know.. mad world is mad.

    Forgive me. ;-;
  2. No way ! I won't ever believe that, you're super popular ! @.@ I'll have to call you "senpai"... XD
    I see... You're working as a teacher right (saw that on your signature) ? Hotel Transylvania ? I was all crazy to go and watch that, but then the EXAMS came up and RUINED everything... T^T I don't think it's on cinemas here anymore... ._.
  3. Sure I do! ... Who are you now again? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Just kidding! :-D Don't ask for forgivness when it comes to replying and such, since I most be one of AF:s most horrible persons when it comes to that, hahah!

    Me? Meeeh~ fine I guess... Have had it (and still have) it a little rough on the working front but else it's okey' My new fangirling for Hotel Transylvania will keep me alive! Seriosuly, g-r-e-a-t movie! Have you seen it?
  4. Hey, hope you still remember me. O.o Sorry for replying your message so late, my internet was super slow so it was almost impossible logging in the forum... T^T But well, I'm officially back ! XD
    How are you doing ?
  5. ;____; *cries together with you*
  6. Hey, thanks for the comment... Yeah, I know... But it's only for one week... T^T
  7. Ahaha... Yup ! Sorry for making you disappointed... >< Problems is, in Malaysia, the lessons are so general type, we just never seem to learn outside the board... == It gets super boring... T^T
  8. Mjeaaaah son I'm disappointed. Oh well - atleast now you know. ;-)
  9. I'm positive, I've never heard of it... O.o Though it seems interesting, the video you showed me !
  10. You never have? Are you sure?
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