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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Have you watched some of the Barbie movies? :>
  2. Yesh! I love barbie! jk xD
    I've only had one doll my whole life.
    And I treat her like a princess! >:3
  3. Alright, I see what you want.

    Less talking about boys and their germs and more talking about Barbie! <----
  4. I never got a barbie car.But I got a barbie airplane! >:3
    I travel faster than Barbie Cars! Muahahhaha

    *sigh* SuXrys.I don't like guys still. ^^"
    I see them more as buddies! :P
    But when they get too close it just shuts me off! Dx
  5. And come on, why trying to run away from the guys, shouldn't you try to catch them with your spider-web?

    Get it??? HAHAHAHAH!! *falls out from the chair*

  6. I didn't get anything special. A giftcard, a bowl for sallad, some things-that-you-can-take-the-salad-with (don't know the english word for it, but here's a picture, a necklace from my sister and... that's all that I remember at the moment. I will get some more presents on sunday when grandma and grandpa comes over. And I havn't get any present yet from my brother, my other sister or from my guy yet, but they have said that I also will get those later. :-) So presents, presents. Hahah, guess I will get some things for the home from my grandparents aswell, feels like it's a present suitable for my age.

    You don't get any Barbie-dolls anymore when you hit my age, let me tell you that... ;-; *sobs*
    Talking about presents and Barbies, one of the best presents that I have ever get was a pink Barbie-car. Fond memories~ <3
  7. no hay problema mi amor ~ Y yo no soy Francis, yo soy España ~ Happy birthday x3 Bueno, entonces ¿qué hizo usted consigue para su cumpleaños?

    U-UN Competition?! Ay! No! Are you trying to give
    le Spain Momo a heart attack!?
  8. *blushes*

    Ooooooooh!! Madame, il est le plus beau cadeau que j'ai jamais reçu! Je vous remercie du fond de mon cœur, je vous remercie - mon petit gâteau coeur, de fleur et de miel! (hehe, google translate *does a victory sign*). Well, he didn't proposed recently, we have been engaged since 2006 [but it was a very un-romantic proposal] and together since 2005. :3 He is my bishie, un-romantic proposal or not.

    So both of them are staring at you huh? Well then why don't you let them have a staring-competition and the winner can win you heart? ;D
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! >3<
    I have perchased you le gift of AF love!!! >:3
    *evil french laugh*
    *blows le kiss*

    As for me i'm stuck trying to have two guys staring at me 24/7 T^T
    Any advice before i rip their heads off? x3

    And WTH!? You're boyfriend proposed to you?! x3
    Lucky SuXrys!!! *tears of joy*
  10. Oh momo, that's WONDERFUL! I remember that you earlier didn't liked school that much so reading that it gets better and better for you is really like candy for the ears. ^_^ Hahah, not one this time but two of them? Oh dear, sounds like you have your hands full. xD What are we going to do about you momo? ;D I am not doing so much myself, not that many guys that are currently swarming around me, just my fiance, are currently working 50 procent in a class with second graders where I am in charge of them in the morning during the first hours and then their regular teacher comes in and takes over later during the day (are going to be there until the end or mars) aaaaand.... yeah, it's my birthday tomorrow, going at 24, so be sure to great this old sister of yours ;D

    *enjoys the hug*
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