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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. i don't have an Mp3.
    and there's a child predator
    in our neighborhood and i'm
    too scared to walk outside.
  2. Meeeeh don't say that! :o Why are you so bored? There must be something that you can do, right? Why not going out for a walk while playing good music in your mp3? Hows about that?
  3. how are you doing?
    i'm so bored right now.
  4. oh my gosh i found
    this video that you might
    like.IT CRACKS ME UP!
  5. Next summer? I don't know... to be honest I havn't really planned that far yet! I guess what I have to do is to start looking for a job. I will be done with my studying to the summer that comes, so next summer I have to start try finding a job / looking for a new apartment / maybe move together with my fiancée / taking driving licences (havn't done that yet) exc exc. What about you?
  6. what are you gonna do
    for next summer?
  7. my mom didn't have
    enough money to go.
  8. That seems so fun! Why on earth didn't you go?
    I have never been to a place like that, but I would really want to.

  9. Sunsplash is a huge water park in pheonix.
    it get's really hot here so on summers we go
    there to cool's like disney land but in arizona.
    i stay in the teen side now.there are really huge slides
    and it's really wet.
    i almost drowned in the lazy river.
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