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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Dude look what i found.
  2. my pain of ulquiorra dieing os coming up again.
    Poor Ulquiorra.I'm planning on watching Bleach the hell chapter
    the movie but the opening kills me.I miss ulquiorra.
  3. I will check out the song tomorrow, since I don't want to wake up my younger sister right now.

    HAHAH! Oh noe! Grimmy! That poor little kitty of pure innocense, run away! xD That picuture is a perfect example of hos nasty Ichigo really is, why people only see his 'goodie' things is a mystery to me. Just look how he treats "my" little Grimmjow with that big and dum vaccumcleaner, roflol. xD Thanks for the picture, it gave me a good laugh and put a smile on my face. ^_^
  4. the kill is my favorite song and...
    OH MY GOSH IT'S A KITTY!!!!!!!
    oh and... *blushes like crazy*
    i found this funny comic.
  5. Found this pic

    Orihime is in it..... but it's always possible to "cut her away" in paint or so if you want the picture of him, but without her. ^_^
  6. But which one are your favorite?

    There... are... so... many of them O__O
  7. here's the favorite song is in the list!
    you can just look up some of the songs.
  8. It's ok. I don't understand what they sing in that video either! >_< have been trying to find a video of it with text under but I havn't find one... But I still like to watch since it's the Gintama characters in it, especially Kamui (the guy with the red hair). I have gotten this little thing for him right now. ^__^

    I have never played guitar hero, so I don't know. :3
  9. dang it i haven't fully learned japanese.
    sorry i don't understand the video.
    do you like any songs that are in guitar hero
    world tour?
  10. Hey, that song actually was kind of good!

    Im also watching a video right now.. but it's not a song though :'(
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