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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Here it's the opposite. Last year we has snow caos outside, there were so much snow that you couldn't even walk to school... you had to take the bus and sometimes the bus even got stuck in the snow... -_- yeah. Right now, we havn't even got any snow yet and it's soon December! It feels soooo weird! Alright, we hade HUGE amounts of snow last year so I dont really mind that we dont get that much this year but... no snow at all? Come on.. I live in Sweden so it feels a little weird - that's for sure. Not to talk about that I heard someone saying that next week it will be +10 degrees or so. So so so so weird! xD

  2. it's so cold this year that even the hottest
    place in the world is freezing cold.This is
    probably because i went outside in my shorts
    at 7 in the morning.

    By the way that video was AWESOMELY HILARIOUS!!!!
    where do you guys find this stuff?I took a screenshot and posted
    it as my profile picture!
  3. I really didn't get that one... Didn't you said that you lived in one of the hottest places in the world? Then why are you freezing outside? xD And WHERE do you live?

    oh and this: if you havn't seen it already
  4. i'm dieing indoors and
    freezing outdoors.
  5. Really? Why only one month?

    You do..? :o How hot does it get? I thought Africa was the hottest place on earth, but don't you live in south america?
  6. i don't like the summer.i only
    have 1 month of summer vacation!
    i like winter cause it's cold and i wanted
    to see snow ever since i was 3.But i haven't
    seen any.probably cause i live in the hottest
    place in the earth.
  7. uuuurgh.. time goes so fast.. and I think I have an exam on that date aswell.... dammit! >___<
    Even if I do love winter, I wish I could turn back the time so we where back in the beginning of the summer again...
  8. next week i think is gonna be
    the first day of december.
  9. Hahahahha! Oh gosh I really liked that picture! xD

    But maybe you're right... maybe it's not exactly to early to prepare for it either.. Because it's not that much time left, now is it? What is it? ... around 5 weeks or so?
  10. oh well i was just bored so i thought
    that the only way to get rid of my boredom
    was to get ready for the holidays.
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