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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. O__O !!! Well, I think you would really like that anime (it's popular so I guess many people like it), so watch it if you get the time for it. ^___^

  2. inuyasha?i have never seen that
    show before.Oh and thank you for
    posting on my blog.
    can't wait til it's grimmjows.
  3. Feels like InuYasha O____O ???
  4. ok well there was some new evil guy and
    he cut orihime and i thought she was gonna
    die and i was REALLY shocked!but it turns out it
    was just somthing with the guys sword that erased
    her memory.
  5. Sure, you can go on and tell me.
  6. well there are lots of farms where i live but i
    don't see a lot of cowboys.there are farms,houses,
    and cities all over.

    oh i' sorry but can i tell you something that happened
    in bleach?i just don't want to spoil it for you so i just
    want to ask you if you want me to tell you.
  7. Is Phoenix really the hottest place on earth? xD I thought it would be like Afrika or something like that. O____o I am sitting and watching some pictures on google right now and even if Pheonix may have its problems I still think that the place actually look rather beautiful. Like this pic for example: a big hill in the middle of everything! Looks really nice. And all the "dessert feeling" the pictures give me actually feels exotic. Wouldn't surprise me if a cowboy would just jump out from one of the picutures... Hey, do you have like old and preserved cowboy towns near Pheonix? Ever been to one?

    It's okey, I know how you feel. I kind of having this thing for Kamui Yato right now and I would've felt the same way if he died. Im a softy aswell. Cries to everything.
  8. oh no i'm tearing up again!
    i just can't see anymore pain.
    *wipes tears before you look*
    don't look at me i'm a softy.

    This pic is so sad!
  9. I live in Phoenix AZ.The hottest it get's here
    is 120 degrees!Tomorrow it's gonna be 60 degrees.
    at phoenix half the land is nature like and the other
    is city like.i live in between and that's where most of
    the gangs and violence is.i walk home by myself and
    never get a bad feeling.

    Thanks for making my day as awesome
    as possible!
    it's cute cause ulqui has a heart hole!<3
  10. continued message

    How cold is it at your place right now? How hot can it usually get? Maybe you don't want to talk about where you are from since you don't answer my questions about your home xD hahah! Come ooooon! Where do you live?! Im sooo curious! xD This swede demands to know! roflol xD

    I got the video from animangachick315, she showed it for me and I thought since a special someone was in the video you would like to see it. and you did! wiiiieee!
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