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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. oh.right now it's christmas eve.
    it's 11:25 in the morning.
    uhh merry christmas to you!
  2. Remember that I live in another timezone then you do, and we celibrate on the 24th also.
    Cute picture. ^___^
  3. it's not even christmas eve
    yet.but i am still prepared.
  4. Merry Christmas!!
  5. my future puppies!

  7. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhwwww......! ~ Your friends much have noticed the way you are looking at him! How cute! x)) Now this is just bringing back soooo many memories for me.. lol. ^__^ Young love *smirks* And hahaa..... ouch how evil done of you! xD Well, did the manage to get the teddybear back afterwards?
  8. well today i sat kinda close to him and then he
    asked me if i would give him one of my chicken nuggets.
    gave him one and when i sat down my friends stared at me
    for 10 seconds and then bursted into laughs.i told them that they
    were just laughing for no reason but i couldn't shut them up.
    then i blushed like crazy!

    pretty soon i got mad and got one of my friend's teddy bear that she got
    for christmas and called the guy who she likes and when he turned
    around i told him to catch the teddy bear and to just run!
    then i sat down and slammed my face on the cafeteria table.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! *almost falls off the chair while reading that comic* Oh I love memebase!! I use to hang in there alot just because I think so many things in there are just so funny, and also so spot on! xD Like the comic you sended to me before, as an example, gosh should just know how many times I have given compliments to friends and such and they have replied back by saying "Oh nooooooo.... im so fat" bla bla bla... Why don't people just say "thank you" if you're telling them that they look nice, or extra cute, today? xD Hahahah!

    *whipes away tear* How people survived before memebase is indeed a mystery to me.
    So, tell me more about this boy that you like ~
  10. Have wroten a comment you your blog. But it says it wont show until you approve it.
    So im not sure if not any one at all can see it before you approve it, or if you can see it - but not anyone else - until it's approved. :3
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