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Conversation Between SuXrys and Simphoni

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  1. hahah! Are you annoyed at all us others that we are asking you if you have seen any of the animals everytime you are telling someone where you live? forgive me for that! ;D BUT to my defense it has happend to me alot of times that people are asking me if I have ever seen an polar/icebear *face palm of doom*

    I have been ok. The summer has started here so it's really warm, Im sweating like a pig, and Im just to lazy to do anything... Just sitting on my rump and feeling bored. But atleast it's nice to not being forced to do so much. Taking it easy feels good after a stressful semester in school. The only useful things I have done today is working outside in the garden and then practise driving the car with my mom. How about you?
  2. I don't know :/
    I guess..................because every1 else fusses about it
    I guess I do as well :/

    Those anime's sound cool
    *2 bad I've never seen them*

    About the animals:

    All depends on where u live,
    If u live in the veld then no, if u live in the suburbs then still no
    U rarely see them in the wild but u can see lots of them in captivity
    *I hope that helps*
    How have u been over the past few days?
  3. May I ask why you think it's so strenuous when the temperature is -1? Is it because you don't have any good clothes for it or what do you think it depends on? What animes I watch? Well at the moment I watch Naruto Shippuuden, Beelzebub, Bleach, The world only Gods knows and Gintama.

    Maybe I am thinking really stereotypical now about Africa; but have you ever seen all those famous animals that you see in documentarys? Like lions, elephants and giraffes?
  4. I just wish I could get used to it really, really, really, REALLY fast
    Youtube is really awesome!!
    It's also cool 2 watch animations there

    Now, what I do 2 kill time

    I guess............
    Reading, Drawing, surfing the internet, chillin out with my friends and texting

    What animations do u watch?
  5. It's something that you'll get used to. I study at a university right now and we have alot of exchange students here and every fall when they come here they are always surprised that we are walking around in shorts and tank tops since they think it's to cold for that... but after a while they get used to the area and then they become the same. It's like when we are traveling abroad to... Italia for an example. In the winter we can travel down there and go around in summerclothes because we think it's so warm there - but the italians on the other hand is walking around in jackets and such. But it's as I mentioned before - it all depends on what you are used to. Like traveling somewhere and you think it's dreadly hot in the beginning, but then it becomes ok. What I do to kill the time? Clicking around on the internet I guess. I love youtube for example!
  6. It least u realised it *hehehehehehe*
    Well 2 me -1 is really bad
    Wish I could bare it the way u do

    I haven't been watching 2 many either
    Just Dragonball z right now?
    Wat do u do 2 kill time?
  7. First I was surprised to read your post since we are going towards the summer here but then I remembered that it's that opposite way. When we have summer, you have winter, and the other way around. Around 20 degrees is the avarage temperature around the area where I live during the summer, around the winter it lays around - 20 here so I don't think - 1 sounds bad at all. - 1 is nothing actually if you ask me, but then I am used to much more colder climates then you are.

    I don't watch so many animes at the moment. The current ones I am following right not is Naruto Shippuuden, Hetalia world, Gintama, Bleach, Beelzebub and the World only Gods knows. How about you?
  8. Its coming close to Winter and it gets really cold over here 2
    Our highest is about 18 degrees
    Thats not so bad, whats really bad is at night, it gets as low as -1 degrees
    That really sucks big time!!!!!!!
    What anime do u watch?
  9. No no that's ok! So... in which part do you live? Sweden is alright now I guess. We are going towards the summer so every night it gets lighter and lighter outside (during the winter it is black outside at five o'clock) so that feels really great. Since it can be so dark during the winter you really feel that you are becoming much more energetic now each day. And just the fact that it's still not so dark outside and now it's 22.25 feels quite great aswell. How is south africa?
  10. Oh sorry
    I guess Im the stupid 1 -giggles-
    How is it like in Sweden now?
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