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Conversation Between SuXrys and alisaallthat

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  1. What humor? :P
  2. Oh, squeeing is a relatively new word (I don't think it's even a real word, to be honest) that basically means turning into a screaming fangirl.

    I'm always evil enough to attack people trying to sleep *evil laugh*

    Ohhhh, so you're an Aquarius. It's funny how I always get along the best with Aquarius people. I think it's because we tend to have the same type of humor.
  3. Is that how you treat a lady who is laying in her bed trying to sleep? (I HATE the autocorrect on my phone! It wants to change almost every Word into swedish >_<!).

    You will regret that.

    My birthday? 31jan, now squee (?) me.
  4. PIE FIGHT *blam*


    Anyway, could I ask when your birthday is? You don't need to give a year or anything. Lately I've gotten into astrology, so I've been scouting out my friends' birthdays so I can squee over them (lol)
  5. I see pies everywhere.... mmm pie~
  6. LOL you got the crazy girfriend meme as your photo!

    /random comment
  7. Wohooo!! Voodoo powers! You have friends on the other side?
  8. Because I can't like comments, I'll give you one with my voodoo powers ;P

    I try not to get involved in many controversial issues, but seriously, you said it better than anyone could've ever said it. I hope it kinda opens Cheesecake-kun's eyes.
  9. I need to try that out. :3

    You should try this one!

    You can upload a picture of yourself and see how you where asian, caucasian, old, different sex exc. It's pretty funny! (especially when you do it with pictures of your family members, lol). x)) And I have to say that I do look quite smexy as a male... Actually better then what I do now, lol, don't know if that's a good thing or not. ~ ;D
  10. Hm, I don't know that, to tell the truth. You probably could anime characters as well, though it'd would look pretty weird. Even using anime, it's best to stick with morphing the same gender, but since a lot of anime guys don't have the scruff that our beloved Hollywood stars do, you could probably mix a girl and a boy without too much of a disaster.

    They have some pretty weird things to morph, like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, a puppy and a monkey, lol. So it'd be fun to experiment and make all sorts of wacky looky people.
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