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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. I'm gonna be doing the odd bit every now and then as I have uni work to do as well.
    Also I have a few things to burn as well as they bring back too many memories which I'd rather forget now, also when I do burn it I'm gonna invite my friend who we count each other as siblings over as well as she has some things to burn as well.
  2. Haha no not really. Im just going a little for far in my own complaining I'll guess.
    Are the pre-moving going to be your entire "fun" the rest of the week aswell?
  3. It has to be at least 10 years old I reckon but some of the other treasures up there as well was the sega game gear and mega drive (genesis) yh it had different names even though it was the same console. But honestly what was the funniest was the old pictures and the old poleroid camera up there.

    You'll be fine, but it can't be that bad surely.
  4. Hahaha really? Do you know how old it was? The best thing I have found was 100kronor in one of my old childhood pockets (in an old jeans jacket), what is that? ... maybe 13 dollars or so? Anyway, the old me must have missed those money a great deal but the current me thought it was great.

    Yeah maybe you're right. But still, you don't sound as much of a hamster person as I am. :i
  5. Yet the great thing was that we found an old balloon still inflated, how I dunno but it was covered in mould so I wonder if it was that that kept it inflated. Who knows.
    But yeah 13 years there are alot of things that need to go as I'm moving to a smaller place due to parents going different ways so its gonna be like one big game of tetris getting everything to fit in. Don't worry I'm sure you'll get through it after all most the stuff that we moved yesterday was just generally just pure rubbish or stuff we won't ever use again so you'll find the same thing as well.
  6. Agreed. Perhaps that's why Mondays usually are the subject of hatred amoung most people. ^^
    Isn't it hard going threw you stuff like that? I am like a hamster myself so the fact of having to throw away alot of things just seems so un-me somehow. But still, that is even so a matter I also have to be doing to the summer, since I am going to move then aswell. So I have no choice but to also throw away alot of things then... but Im not looking forward to it... not at all... and then I have only lived here for 4 years, 4 years and 13 years... well there are a big gap of time there! xD
  7. Oh I know the feeling all to well, I hate having to get up early after being able to sleep in longer the day before. It just makes the day more unbareable.

    I'm not too bad I suppose begun packing stuff up in my room yesterday and lugged 13 years of rubbish from the loft into the garage, its just drained me of energy. Oh well, been able to relax today but the fireworks going off at the moment seem to be interferring with my TV signal which is most annoying. But overall my room feels like a warehouse with the stuff packed in boxes. And thats how I am at the moment.
  8. Just fine, thank you for asking! But it has been kind of slow thought. First of I went out of bed hours after what I first had planned and then I have been really slow with finishing some school things I had planned to be done with today. Just another slow sunday I guess, pushing whatever can be pushed infront of me. ^_^ Have to go up extremly early tomorrow thought, around 5-6 a.m. >_< Will be extra hard since I slept for so long today. :/ Oh welll, enough about me and my sundayproblems!

    How are you?
  9. Greetings there ^^
    Hows your day been?
  10. Great taste when it comes to your profile picture lol
    he is a scary doctor that one!
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