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Conversation Between SuXrys and Shini

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  1. Lmao, "sweet dish", so true! Yeah, you didn't make a mistake per se, it's just that English has a lot of words that can mean other things. I didn't feel bad either, I'm used to having people disagree with me lol. Well, <3 is supposed to be a heart (maybe it looks better if you tilt your head sideways haha).
  2. Hahah yeah that's true! xD Sounds like he says "sweet dish" or something with the pitched voices of his. Or its just me that thinks he says that, since I don't get english good enough. :P No worries here. I was just jumping from one internet side to another worried that I just had said something terrible wrong by mistake. I was starting to prepare for everyone to jumping at me screaming while I would sitting there confused and wondering over what I just had said. But well.. this turned out ok. Hope you didn't feel bad back then. And yes, <3 means (????) the same thing here. So <3 to you too!
  3. I love how Tom Green says that word. Sweeedish, Swe-dish.

    Well, hope our miscommunication didn't produce any hard feelings. I rather <3 you. Also, you like Naruto, which makes me <3 you more (hopefully <3 translates to love in Swedish as it does in English. )
  4. Swedish
  5. What's your native language, Ms. Suxrys?
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