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Conversation Between SuXrys and Capitán

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  1. What did you do in Nevada?
  2. I'm out of college for the summer. But I still have to work part time.
    I also went on a road trip to Nevada. But now I'm back. Hehe.
  3. Just fine. Summer has started here now so most of the time im just relaxing and taking it easy. Are going to work some this summer aswell but that isn't until the end of next week, so until then Im going to try to deny that fact in my mind for a little while longer. The only useful thing that I am doing is that im time to time trying to finish some papers that needs to be sent in to the university - but it's so boring!!! What are you doing?

  4. well hello? o_O

  5. A little like that.. yeah Well... alright.. maybe he is a little "over powered" but.. I like Grimmjow better. Do you understand how amazingly happy I became when his bankai was a panther? I love cats! I am, and will be, a catfreak until the day I die! So... he got so many plus points from me when I saw that the first time. hahah! :P Oohsch now I don't feel so fair in my judgement. hehe
  6. Oh a nyan-cat type of video.. seems like he lost his sense of direction. Heheh.
    I like Orihime because she is cute and random.
    But if we are talking about powers.. then Ichigo's bankai is the best.
  7. Oh no an Orihima fan! O_O (link) Run away, run away! No, just kidding. Well yeah I am a fan of bleach.. or more like the "fan-girl"-type. I know, it's absolutely horrible. ^_^ How come Orihime is your favorite? I admit, she is cute. :3
  8. Hello there! ^_^
    I saw your blog.. so your a fan of Bleach? (Well Grimmjow but he is still from Bleach) haha. I'm a Orihime fan.
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